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What We Do

Business Today

Recent events have accelerated the change in the way many of us work.

The trend of working from home has now become the norm for many business people.

The reality of this situation is that we have far less opportunity to meet new people and build our professional network.

Faced with this many of us have naturally looked to Social Media to help.


LinkedIn is the business platform of choice. Many people use it to Market their business but with over 700 MILLION users (and growing) how do you find the THOUSANDS of people looking for the product or service you sell.

Linkedin offer a fantastic tool – Sales Navigator. It can help you reach out to more people and build your professional Network

This link will show you how Linkedin Sales Navigator works:

You can see how effective this is. You can produce highly targeted campaigns to connect with more people and deliver your message.

However, research has shown that to reach out to Linkedin’s daily limit of 100 new connections per day and follow up with marketing messages and content takes on average 10 hours a week.

Who has 10 hours to spare to do this?

So what are your options?

You could spend the time building your Professional Network manually

Or you could automate it and be more productive...

Our Solution

The Network Builder is here to help... We can automate much of the marketing activity needed to reach out to new connections and build new relationships. Our algorithms are designed to mimic human interactions. New connections will see your messaging as traditional prospecting and will generate New leads and New Business

How It Works



Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator define your list of prospects



The list provided by Sales Navigator is loaded onto our platform



Our platform will send requests and sequenced messages to you targeted prospects



Individual responses arrive into your platform inbox for you to follow up

Effective use of time

Our platform can work within the fair use of Linkedin and send out.


Invitations with custom message per day


Inmails sent per day


Direct messages, sent in custom sequence, per day

In a month you could reach out to over 7000 new people and follow up with a further 7000 marketing messages

How long would this take to do manually??

Average Monthly Results

forward_to_inbox 7000


connect_without_contact 1000

New Connections

chat_bubble_outline 500



Warm Leads


Price Per Month

£499+vat / month

  • Full Access to a personalised version of our Platform
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Full on boarding
  • Full Support via 24 hr SLA and dedicated individual Whatsapp Group
  • This a monthly subscription, cancel any time

Referral Scheme


Our solution delivers measurable results and we know the best Sales people are our customers. Our Referral scheme is simple:

  • Refer a colleague or friend to us and we will give you one month’s free subscription.
  • For more information or to refer someone to The Network Builder, click the button below!

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Join Us


We are always looking to recruit great Sales people who can work from home and sell online. We offer great commission to partners who sell our industry leading solution.

For more information and to apply, please click the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to see results?

    Each profile and business is different therefore every client of ours has a unique sales cycle. However all businesses need exposure, visibility and to stay in front of their ideal prospects.

    The response rates that we're seeing can range between 8-45%. By using the Connect, Free InMails and Sequential Messaging features, you'll be able to continuously reach out to new prospects, all on auto-pilot, which will guarantee a steady stream of leads every day.

    Over the course of a 30 day campaign the platform you will be able to engage up to 7,500 new targeted decision makers. We recommend syncing your Network Builder license with your CRM and also an automated scheduling software, this will ensure a smoother transition from 'query' to 'meeting booked.' For more information regarding syncing our platform with other automated platforms please speak with your product specialist at The Network Builder.

  • Yes we offer discounts on multiple licenses. Discounts start at 5 licenses. Please reach out to to discuss further

  • There will be an onboarding session to help set up your first campaign which will take an hour. During this onboarding period you will be provided with your login details and set up within the platform. Also as mentioned we will give you training on sales navigator and help you develop your target audience, set up your first campaign and train you or your team on how to best utilise the platform.

  • Yes, we can help to tailor your messages for your campaigns. There are a number of templates within the platform already however with most clients we assist them with their own bespoke message content before or during the onboarding call.

  • Since LinkedIn limits the number of your profile views and profile searches on a free account, you will need to upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account to fully benefit from The Network Builder features. We recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator as the filtering options are superior to LinkedIn Premium.

  • We have set global limits that you can't surpass which enables you to stay within Linkedin's preferred thresholds. Additionally, the platform is cloud based and for Linkedin premium users only, ensuring a much smoother experience. Not a single client of ours has encountered problems or restrictions on their profile as a result of using the platform.

  • Yes. We provide 9-5 UK business hours support. Additionally, if there are any areas, you'd like to change outside of these hours there is a support section within the platform. You will be provided with a dedicated campaign manager who will be your first point of contact once you have been assigned a license. You will also be able to speak to our support team via the platform.

  • Again, there is no magic number for this, this figure varies widely from client to client and depends on what your average sales transactions and cycles are. Some of our clients make an ROI inside the first month others it takes a little longer. The largest reported sales transaction as a result of using this software was just under £275,000 and the client had been using the service less than 6 months, during that 6 months the client had made a dozen smaller sales transactions before that larger deal was closed. We are not a sales company, our responsibility is to help you generate as many daily, warm, targeted leads as possible via our software. We understand that businesses like to forecast ROI however we cannot issue licenses on that basis - our client retention rate is 98% which we feel is a strong indicator of the power of this technology.

  • No, we actually prefer new clients to start on a monthly subscription. We are confident in our product and service and prefer that clients are happy with the software and service before committing long term. The packages that we offer are very flexible, some small SMEs prefer to run it for several months then pause for a short period of time, some clients require multiple licenses for an entire sales team therefore it makes sense for them to enter into a long term contract and make a saving. We are happy to comply with whatever arrangement works best for you and your business - whether that be a PAYG monthly subscription or an 18 month contract with multiple licenses.

  • Yes, we offer our clients a very competitive referral scheme as we believe that word of mouth & referrals is the best and most organic way to grow a business. If you refer us to someone else and they sign up we will give you a month of the platform absolutely free! So if you do this each month you would effective get a free platform.

  • Yes, As you can see we offer a very competitive referral program and for those that want to take this one step further we offer the opportunity for you to JOIN US and become ‘A Network Builder’. This way you can benefit from the value of the platform and also have the opportunity to build out a very profitable business.

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